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Casas Particulares in Cuba

Casa Particular Since 1997 the Cuban government allows residents to rent rooms in their houses to tourists, they are called Casas Particulares. The owners of the Casas help to promote their casas by distributing business cards, and by advertising on websites such as You often will get their cards while traveling around Cuba.

Cubans with a special license can rent rooms in their homes to foreigners. You can recognize them from the street by the blue signs as shown on the T-Shirt (see picture), Casas owners must post this sign on their front doors. The signs will read: 'Arrendador Divisa.

What does a casa cost per night?

Average prices of casas particulares in CUC (convertible pesos) per room lodging only depends on the location, amenities, season and popularity of the casa. You can count on a rate between 20 and 35 cuc per room per night. Breakfast should be around 3 or 4 CUC pp and dinner 10 cuc max.

Remember, its all about value, the better the casa the more you will pay of course. Could be the casa has a shared bathroom with others, or a private bathroom. Just 1 room or a whole private apartment with living room and kitchen. A better area of the city or a very nice view ... All depends ...

How do I make a reservation for a casa?

Cuba Casa Particular Directory App for Android and iPhoneSince the last year casa particular booking websites are rising on the internet as mushrooms ...
Remember and be aware that a lot of these websites are simply copy and pasting other settled and trustworthy websites with experience for years. These booking websites have just one thing in mind, which is; your money. They get a commission of $5 per night and YOU pay this commission.
Cuba-Junky does not want and get commission from any Cuban, we want the Cuban casa owners and you to be happy. Cubans have a hard life enough.

Be your own boss and "Go with the flow"
Our advice is, make a reservation for the first night and once in Cuba go with the flow email a casa directly from our Casa Particular Directory app for Android or iPhone. Download the app, which is packed with casa addresses, email addresses of casas and more, on your phone and off you go, easy does it. We work on a daily basis on this app to add more casas and information. We update the app frequently at no extra costs.
Casa Particular Directory App

Cuba Casa Directory app

Casa Particular Directory - AJM Verlaan

Casa Particular Directory App - Android Google Play

By phone
Not all casas have email in this case you can contact them by phone. Don't worry you don't speak Spanish, casa owners are used to talk to people all over the world, you'll manage :)

One more thing about reservations in general ...
Casa owners really want to have their rooms full everyday if possible of course. It often happens when you enter the casa you reserved, it seems occupied by other people who showed up earlier that day or wanted to stay some extra nights ....
I agree, it is not a proffesional way to do business but please do not blame the casa owner, but understand such things happen because:
1. The casa owner have to pay a huge monthly tax to rent out rooms, some 300 cuc per month, they have to pay this tax even if they have guests or not!
2. Many tourists make a reservation but do not show up when they did not pay in advance

When such a thing happens the casa owner will ALWAYS have an alternative for you which has at least the same conditions you are looking for and sometimes even better. Don't worry you will get a great place to stay.
Be smart and call 2 days before or the same day early in the morning to confirm your stay.

Certivicate of excellence

What is this "Awesome Sauce" stuff?

- 3 times in a row = Awesome Sauce

The best casas ... a casa gets an "Awesome Sauce Certivicate of Excellence" when 3 people in a row send us a 5-star review.
When they get one review with less stars the casa will lose the Awesome Sauce certivicate until they get another 3 in a row - 5 star reviews ... still following me? ;)

Other recommended casas, casas with several good reviews or from which we think they are really good, are recognized by a red star

After one year no reviews at all, the casa looses all recommendadtions

Gay friendly casa particular

Cuba Junky Gay Freindly casas Cuba-Junky has gay friendly casas listed on the website. These casas are mostly owned by gays, male or female. It doesn't matter if you are gay or not, everybody is welcome in these casas. Since we have many requests for gay friendly casas we have given them a special rainbow sign.

Illegal casa particulares

In many cities in Cuba you also can stay in illegal casas, mostly these casas are much cheaper than the official registered casas. Remember that you can get kicked out in the middle of the night when they get a visit from official people who check the casas from time to time for their casa licensee. Besides this, the owner risks to lose his house, this is one of the fines in Cuba when having an illegal casa particular.

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Reviews and tips by travelers


March 11 2014
Name: Wade
Country: Canada

Casa Particulars (general)

Which city or area in Cuba?: Oriente (3 weeks) and Trinidad/Bay of Pigs/havana (2 weeks)

My review: We travelled for 5 weeks by bicycle throughout much of Cuba in January / February 2014. We stayed almost every night in casa particulars. We stayed twice in a campismo and once in a hotel (because we had no other option). In all, we pedaled 1900km. We typically travelled 50km to 100km to get the next place to stay the night. We spent 3 weeks in the Eastern Oriente Region covering the entire coastline starting in Las Tunas clockwise through Santiago de Cuba to finished that loop in Bayamo. Took a bus to Trinidad and completed a route west along the coastline to the Bay of Pigs to Guines, Guira de Melena, Soroa, Habana. We stayed more than one night, four times, the rest were one night stays. So in all we stayed in around 25 casa particulars.
We would highly recommend the casa particulars to any other accommodations, especially if you are on a budget. They were all super clean and most had good firm beds. The option of having one casa book the next casa ahead on your journey is a great one, as you will have the comfort that someone will be there to meet you and get you nicely into a place to stay for the night. It also saves some time in finding one. It should be noted that it usually comes at a price (5cuc), as the casa that booked it will receive extra for the service that gets added to price of your next place. Also, you will be less likely to negotiate a price for breakfast. We only had one casa pre-booked for us, the rest of the time we rode around and found a casa as we entered the next town, as we were on a tight budget. We averaged 50cuc/day for two people or 25cuc/person (everything included: accommodations, food, entertainment, gifts, transportation, export tax). We did spent some money on transport, as we wanted to see parts of the whole country.
There are many casas in even smaller towns and we rarely had to approach more than to 2 or 3 to find someone who had an empty room. This would take maybe 15 minutes to a 30 minutes. They are usually located near the main roads and are easy to find. Our average cost for a casa was 20cuc, overall. In the East that often included a large breakfast for two. In the West things were a bit more expensive at 20-25cuc / night usually no breakfast included. We regularly negotiated the dinner which sometimes they would include breakfast in the original price. So for a two night stay in Playa Larga for instance we paid (for 2 people) a total of 72 cuc, which included two nights accommodations / two breakfasts and two fantastic dinners. We were on a fairly tight budget, so this worked well for us. We did not want to spent much $$$ on the internet or phone, so we didn't use these at all. We had a couple of outdated guidebooks and we asked around to make sure there were casas in the next town. That worked out just fine, the locals are super helpful. The key is to ask someone in the town your leaving, not the jinteros in the place you have arrived. If your on a tight budget, a newer guidebook would be very beneficially as there are casas springing up everywhere it seems. The app would be beneficial I am sure, you might need to plan ahead if your bicycling, as only the larger centers or high tourist areas seem to have internet access. Two of the nicest casas we stayed in were only 1 month old, brand new everything, and a great price. The best part about picking your casa when you get there, is you get to pick the location and have a look and decide whether the place meets your standards and your price and better chance to negotiate meals. We liked rooms on the upper floor, as there was often a nice balcony and great view.
We had a great trip and hope this information helps anyone planning a trip to Cuba.


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