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Vintage car at the Cuba Beach | Cuba-Junky.com

Go there and FEEL this country!

Cuba-Junky.com I've heard somebody say ...

In this country there is no gasoline, but cars are all over the road
There`s no food, but everybody is cooking dinner
They have no money, but everybody is dancing and drinking rum.

Do Cuba on your own, it's easy!

Cuba Tailor Made - Cuba-Junky.com Lots of tourists go on a package deal to areas such as Varadero, Jardines del Rey (Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo) or Holguin and stay in an all inclusive hotel resort. My best advice to you is to travel around the country, stay one day in a hotel and the other in a Casa Particular where you will be a guest in a Cuban family's home. Hire a car or take the Viazul Bus, whatever, Cuba is easy to do on your own and much cheaper when you arrange it yourself, trust me ;)
Have dinner in the Paladares, talk to the Cuban people, mingle with the locals and feel ... La Vida Cubana.
We can help you with your itinerary. Check out our Cuba Tailor Made page.

Cuba-Junky.com Information about Cuba

Besides all the info we collected over more than 10 years about cities, provinces, you will also find the most important matters on what to know before you go to Cuba:

- The Cuba First Timers Information is a must read
- The a Cuba FAQ page (frequently asked questions) as well a must read
- When you have the two above, you are ready to start reading the Cuba travel information page

Scuba Diving

You want to dive in the blue Cuban sea. Check out where to go


- And of course check out and book you accommodation in Cuba. Read the do and donts about hundreds of Casas Particulares
- You prefer a hotel in Cuba? They are also listed in this website and easy to book within a few minutes with instant confirmation.

Cuba-Junky.com Transportation

Need a flight to Cuba or a domestic flight in Cuba? It's all possible at Cuba-Junky
To know how to go around Cuba you must visit and read our Cuba Transportation page, it will tell you all about distances, the bus, trains, car rental in Cuba and much more.

Guide Books

Many travelers use a Cuba guide book on location such as the Lonely Planet or Moon

Cuba-Junky.com Beach

What is Cuba without it's beaches? Curious where you have to pamper yourself on a stunning white beach with a view on a bright turquoise bue sea? We have them all listed

History & Culture

And of course, what is Cuba without its history and culture. Short and longer info about Che Guevara, Ernest Hemingway, the Missile Crisis and even along explanation about the colorful people of Cuba; Black Cuba, and much more.


Ah you have a small budget ... no worries check out our Cuba on a budget page

Cuba-Junky.com Gadgets

Cuba-Junky also has it's own Cuba store designs and graphics designed by ourselves, so unique t-shirts, bags and many other wanna-haves for the real Cuba-Junky




Enjoy this huge Cuba information website to prepare your trip and have fun in Cuba


Sol Cayo Largo | Cuba-Junky.com

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