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Nightlife Trinidad & Sancti Spiritus

trinidad at night Absolute one of the best places for a stunning open air nightlife with life music and salsa dancing you will find in Trinidad. And the best part, all on walking distance :)


Amézaga y Chicote

Quinta Santa Elena, Sancti Spiritus, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba

CanalCubano: This bar of Quinta Santa Elena is one of the most beautiful and charming places where to take something at any time of the day. There is quietness, making easy to talk, and it is located at the foot of the bridge over river Yayabo.


Hotel Ancón, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba


Café Bar
Independencia #1, Sancti Spiritus, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

CanalCubano: This Café belongs to Hotel Plaza of Sancti Spiritus. A charming place where to have a drink or a coffee. There are works of different local artists as part of the decoration of the bar and the lovely patio of this establishment.


La Canchánchara

Rubén Martínez Villena at Pablo P. Girón, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Frommers: Sometimes has a few musicians assembled, but it's mostly just a little open-air courtyard bar in an atmospheric colonial house, a good place to kick back in old wooden chairs and have a mojito or the eponymous house drink, made with aguardiente, lime, and honey. It's open daily from 10am to 9pm (but no food is served).

CanalCubano: This is one of the most famous bars in Cuba. The name comes from a traditional drink you get there (bebida de los mambises) made out of honey and liquor. It´s rustic leather armchairs are always occupied with people that most of the time enter like troops

Caribbean Club

Hotel Ancón, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Casa de la Musica

Calle Francisco Javier Zerquera #406, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 4193414

CanalCubano: Located in a big and charming building adapted from an old and ruined one, this Casa de la Música -in English, The Music House- was inaugurated in 2000 by Egrem. It was a success from the very beginning, offering varied musical performances as well as services of bar, cafeteria and a restaurant of light kind of food. Trinidad´s nights have here a must.

Frommers: The dance floor is usually a good mix of polished, semi-professional locals and foreigners whose hips are somewhat less smoothly oiled. The steps are often overflowing with people checking out some free music under the stars. Inside the Casa de la Música, a more raucous environment prevails until the wee hours ($2 cover). Just around the corner on Fernando H. Echerri

Casa de la Trova

Fernando Hernandez Echerri #29, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

CanalCubano: The most successful place in the Trinidad nights. Many groups and soloists of traditional music perform tirelessly for the cheering tourists. There are some who say it lacks authenticity, but we have another opinion.

Frommers: The Casa de la Trova, Fernando H. Echerri 29, a block east of the Plaza Mayor, is the traditional spot to listen to Cuban bands and try out a few dance steps; it's open daily from 11am to 2pm and 10pm to 2am, and there's a $1 cover charge during the day, $2 at night.

Casa de las Promociones Musicales

Calle San Miguel, Sancti Spíritus, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

CanalCubano: This is one of the liveliest places in the town. It has a splendid patio where there are frequently performances of musical groups of traditional style. The best singers and bands of Havana have been here. The establishment has a balcony overlooking river Yayabo, a wonderful view at nights.

Casa del Joven Creador

CanalCubano: Here it takes place the most cultural nights of Sancti Spiritus. There is a program of poetry reading or recitations of tales, by "trovadores".


Calle Maceo #402, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

CanalCubano: It is located within the establishment of restaurant Trinidad Colonial. This Bar Colonial is a place where to have a "mojito" or a coffee while resting after walking by the historical centre of the city of Trinidad and has a charming and long wooden bar.


Centro nocturno
Hotel Costasur
Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

La Cremería

Calle Antonio Maceo esquina a Fidel Claro, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

CanalCubano: Stop here and have a tasteful ice-cream while visiting Trinidad. In this place, the ice-creams are made and it is also an ideal place to rest in its charming patio.

Cueva Ayala

Hotel Las Cuevas, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 419/6133

CanalCubano: This is a nice disco, located in one of the natural caves of Motel Las Cuevas, one of the most frequented and lively places in the nights of Trinidad. Here, it is possible to dance with disco music and "salsa".

Frommers: One of the most unusual nightspots in Cuba has to be the disco carved out of a deep two-level cave. Though it can be deadly hot, and the kitsch factor is undeniable, it's still pretty cool to dance to blasting disco-salsa tunes as colored lights bounce off stalactites. The crowd on weekends is largely Cuban. Now if they could only install air-conditioning to go with the lights and sound system, nocturnal spelunking would be even more appetizing. To get there, you can either walk up a path leading directly behind the cathedral, off Juan Manuel Márquez, or take the longer route from Hotel Las Cuevas (it's not actually on the premises of the hotel, though it's under the same management). Open nightly until 3am (later Fri-Sat); admission $10 including open bar.



Calle General Lino Pérez, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

CanalCubano: This bar and its terrace is a meeting point in Trinidad. Having a lovely ambience, it is a favorite place for many people.


Casa Fisher

Lino Pérez e/ José Martí and Francisco Codatia, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

Finca Ma Dolores

Carretera Circuito Sur, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 4193581

CanalCubano: It is a nice ranch where there are frequently parties with singers and musical groups of local music. It is advisable to phone before going because performances are not programmed every day.


Bar Mesón del Regidor

Hostal Mesón del Regidor, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
Tel: +53 419 6572

CanalCubano: Ideal for a break while you are walking around in the colonial part of Trinidad. There is no better place to have a drink in the very centre of the city, surrounded by a funny decoration. It is part of a little hotel with the same name which four rooms are always occupied by lucky travelers.


Palenque de los Congos Reales

Calle del Cristo #35, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

CanalCubano: A very nice terrace specialized in performances of Afro-cuban dance and music, like Santería, Palo Monte and Abakuá, something spectacular performed by a big company daily.

Frommers: Palenque de los Congos Reales has an open-air stage where you can sometimes catch Grupo Folclórico performing Afro-Cuban music and dance (performances aren't regularly scheduled).


Ruinas del Teatro Brunet

Centro Histórico, Trinidad, Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

CanalCubano: This is a charming open-air terrace located inside the ruins of the historical theatre Brunet. There are nights with a great kind of ambience.

Frommers: nightly shows

Disco Rumbos Yayabo

CanalCubano: In this disco, there is a really lively and funny ambience, especially at weekends. It has an open-air terrace




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