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Beach Santiago de Cuba Baconao The coast of Santiago de Cuba Province is wild, very warm and apparently untouched, dotted with enticing coves that have beaches of pebbles or sand and backdrops of peaks covered with lush vegetation. This setting of the Baconao preserve of the biosphere, whose many attractions include these small but intimate beaches and natural attractions to be bound inland.



The Sigua, Daiquiri, Bucanero and Sierra Mar diving areas extend for many miles along the coast, which also has comfortable hotels and many scuba diving centers with expert staffs and modern equipment. The 73 scuba diving sites are at places where the seabed is well conserved; visibility is excellent because the water is so clear; and there are hillocks, large sandy areas, ridges, drops and impressive walls. Moreover, there are around 70 sunken ships on this part of the insular shelf, including several from the Spanish Fleet that ships of the US Navy defeated and sank off Santiago de Cuba in 1898, during the Spanish-Cuba-American War.



Location & how to get there

Located around 545 miles (880 km) east of Havana, Santiago de Cuba is linked to the rest of the island by road, rail, air and sea. Its Antonio Maceo International Airport is one of the best in the Caribbean, and it also has a port at which cruise ships put in and a marina (at 20 58'N. latitude, 75 52.3'W. longitude

What to do

Activities in Baconao preserve of the biosphere an enormous natural park just a few minutes drive from the city of Santiago de Cuba include snorkeling, scuba diving (starting with beginners courses), windsurfing, kayaks, sailing, pedal boating, fresh water sports fishing, horseback riding on mountain paths, boating, swimming both in the sea and swimming pools, electronic and table games, tennis, basketball, beach volleyball, cycling and hiking. In the evenings there is entertainment in bars, around swimming pools and in discotheques, and the nearby city offers even more options.

The park has an area calles Valley of Prehistory, which contains life-size statues of prehistoric animals and men. Other attractions include and old car museum.

Accommodation & Facilities

There are several 3- and 4 star hotels at Baconao beach, all on the coast or at the beaches. The hotels services include buffet and sit-down restaurants featuring different kind of cuisines; grills, bars, swimming pools, jacuzzi's, games rooms, gear for land sports and for scuba diving and for other water sports, cabarets, discotheques, dance classes, doctors on call 24 hours a day, taxis, barbershops, beauty parlors, laundries and dry cleaners, safe and shops.











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