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Santiago de Cuba Nightlife

Santiago de Cuba Nightlife bars, discotecas and more in Santiago de Cuba

Acuario Boconao

Carretera de Boconao, km.54, Santiago de Cuba

Bar-cafetería El Algarrobo

Carretera a Siboney e/ 5ta y 7ma, Santiago de Cuba

Canalcubano: Near the Zoo and the “Arbol de la Rendición” (historic place from the Cuban-Spanish-American war) and in the middle of a charming park of centenary trees, this coffee shop opened in 2000 offers has an acceptable bar service and an informal restaurant.

Bello Bar

Av. de las Américas at Calle M, Reparto Sueño, Santiago de Cuba
Tel: +53 22 687070

Frommers: This sedate bar occupies the entire 15th floor of the Meliá Santiago hotel. There are stunning views in all directions through the wraparound windows, and there's even an open-air catwalk around the outside of the bar for fresh air-viewing and romantic interludes.

Cafe Cantante

Teatro Heredia
Ave de las Americas, esq. Ave de los Delfiles, Santiago de Cuba
Tel: +53 22 64 3178

Canalcubano: Located in the modern building of Heredia theatre. Usually open on week-ends. Performers are all kind of son, salsa and bolero groups. The place is not small but gets crowded when famous orchestras exhibit. For this reason it is important to check before going there or just arrive a little bit earlier. The atmosphere can be great on certain nights but you have to be lucky.

Wcities: An entertaining nightclub to visit, offering visitors an authentic taste of Santiago nightlife, thanks to the warm friendly rapport between performers and audience. Up on the stage, everybody sings and dances to the contagious beat of popular local rhythms. So in reply to the question posed in Migeul Matamoros’ famous song, De donde son los cantantes? (Where do all the singers come from?), expect the audience to reply in unison: “They’re from Santiago, of course!

Café Palmares
Calle M e/ Ave. de las Américas y 6ª, Santiago de Cuba

Canalcubano: Inaugurated last November, it is popularly known as “Chorrito 2” because of its twin, the original “Chorrito”. Located by the Meliá Santiago Hotel it is generally packed in spite of its large capacity. Santiago’s nightlife is really here.

Casa del Caribe

Calle 13 # 154
At the corner of Calle 8, Vista Alegre, Santiago de Cuba
Tel: +53 22 642285

Frommers: This cultural center has a full schedule of music events and other goings-on starting at 8pm every night of the week. The program starts slow, early in the week, with boleros and "música feeling" and usually builds to Afro-Cuban music and dance on Thursday, Caribbean and Latin American folk dance on Friday, and a happening Haitian or Afro-Cuban program on Saturday beginning at 6pm. Concerts are held on two leafy outdoor patios. There are also cultural conferences and workshops.

Casa de la Cutura

General Lacret #651, Santiago de Cuba

Casa del Estudiante

Heredia #204, Santiago de Cuba

Casa de la Música

Corona #564 entre Aguilera y Enramada, Santiago de Cuba

Canalcubano: Inaugurated in july 2000, it has become a must in Santiago´s nights. There is here live Cuban music: the best groups of son and salsa. Afternoon performances -matinées in Cuba- are very successful too.

Casa de las Tradiciones

Rabi #154, Santiago de Cuba
Tel: +53 22 653892

Canalcubano: It might not be as well known, as la Casa de la Trova but you should not miss this place if you really want to enjoy Santiago. Its fantastic program changes every day: boleros, son, traditional trova, folklore, poetic circles and expositions of fine arts. The bar is nothing to write home about but its charm lays in its authenticity.

Frommers: More cramped and heaps more intimate than the more touristy Casa de la Trova, this old house (called "La Casona" by locals) in the Tívoli section of town is loaded with character and decorated with dozens of paintings and photos on the walls. For me, the place just screams "Santiago de Cuba." It gets perfectly steamy when there's a tight band playing and any more than two couples working the dance floor.

Casa de la Trova

Heredia #208 entre San Pedro y San Felix, Santiago de Cuba
Tel: +53 22 652689, +53 22 654814

Canalcubano: In Cuba it has become an institution, almost a national monument. Nobody goes to Santiago without visiting this place. Most of the best singers and son groups of the island use to perform here. The Casa de la Trova is constantly mentioned in novels, poems, magazines... And well known for its recordings of life concerts. Opens in the morning and at night and the programm it offers is still outstanding. Located in the historical part of the city, some steps away from Céspedes Park.

Frommers: Decades of raw and infectious Cuban music seep from the walls of this legendary live music venue, the greatest of the country's Casas de la Trova. Old-timers may complain that it doesn't have the character it once did, due to makeovers, but its long front room and back patio and the grand upstairs salon still outclass any other Cuban music joint. All the greats have played here; you may catch an up-and-coming star, or a band of octogenarians that rightly should be every bit as famous as the guys in Buena Vista. They aren't, but you'll enjoy their music all the more for their relative obscurity and chance to see them in such a welcoming environment.

Wcities: The traditional trova music played in Santiago, is truly one of the most authentic Cuban musical expressions. Old tunes oblivious to the passage of time are played side by side with more recent compositions, in an atmosphere that is both spirited and genuine, aided, of course, by plenty of rum and other typical Cuban drinks. Anything might happen in this bohemian and spontaneous music club, even the appearance of an ex-Beatle, as was the case when Sir Paul McCartney stepped through the doors.

Reviews Casa de la Trova


Name: Jon
Country: UK

The Casa de la Musica, Casa de la Trova, Casa de las Tradiciones and Patio de los dos abuelos are all good places for listening to live music and dancing on a night out. Casa de las tradiciones is my favourite as it's a smaller place with more atmosphere. Gets very crowded but has a small balcony and a back yard that you can escape to if it gets too much. The band Sol y Son play there regularly and are definitely worth hearing.



Claqueta Bar

Santo Tomás esq. San Basilio, Santiago de Cuba

Canalcubano: An open air space where you can enjoy live jam sessions of popular and traditional music. A place to enjoy good rum and draft beer, as well as snacks. Very busy on weekends.

Club 300

Aguilera #302 entre San Pedro y San Félix, Santiago de Cuba
Tel: +53 22 653532

Canalcubano: Just around the corner from Céspedes Park, in the city’s historical center, it´s the place if you want to see top Cuban jazz groups perform. A knowledgeable audience is always present.

Frommers: This is a dark, enveloping nightclub with occasional live music and a fair share of jineteras "jes dying to meetchu," as Mick Jagger used to sing. Open daily until 4am.

Club el Iris

Aguilera #617, Junto a la Plaza de Marte, e/ Bamada and Plácido, Santiago de Cuba
Tel: +53 22 654910

Canalcubano: Disco-bar with mostly Cuban patrons. On weekends it´s usually packed.

Frommers: This sweaty dance club, extremely popular with young locals, seems to be pumping at all hours of the day, with ear-shattering disco, salsa, merengue, and Latin rock.

Club Nocturno

Hotel Versalles
Santiago de Cuba

Discoteca Club Tropical

Autopista Nacional km 1, Santiago de Cuba.
Tel: +53 22 687020

Canalcubano: A part of the Tropicana Santiago cabaret complex. A medium size disco which success is extremely unpredictable. Some days the place is crowded with people having a lot of fun, on others you may not see one single soul. To avoid the last, you could inform yourself before going there or just leave it to the providence.

Bar Las Columnitas

San Félix entre Carnicería y Enramada, Santiago de Cuba

Canalcubano: Everybody meets here, now, a point of reference in Santiago´s nights. Funny and informal kind of ambience.

Degustador Don Emilio

Ave. De las Américas y M, Santiago de Cuba

Canalcubano: In the ground floor of Hotel Meliá Santiago, you will find one of the few bars in the city dedicated to cigar smokers. The place it kind of strange but offers a charming environment.

Espania Sueño

Hotel Melia Santiago
Santiago de Cuba

Fiesta Guajira

Carretera Boconao km 14, Santiago de Cuba

Bar La Fontana

San Pedro esq. Enramada, Santiago de Cuba

Canalcubano: A small bar located at the very center of the historic circuit. It is pleasant and lively. Enjoy some of the great Cuban beers there.

Gran Parque Natural Bacoao

Carretera Baconao, Santiago de Cuba

Havana Club

Hotel las Americas
Santiago de Cuba

Isabelica Cafe

Hotel Melia Santiago
Aguilera y Calvario, Santiago de Cuba

La Jutía Conga

Heredia entre Callejón de Bofia y San Félix, Santiago de Cuba

Canalcubano: Santiago´s UNEAC famous bar is placed in the patio of a Colonial house. There are frequent meetings of poets, writers and stage people, while bands and soloists perform. Although the bar is not very well stocked it doesn´t matter, particularly in the bubbling evenings.

Kon-Tiki Bar

San Pedro esq. Enramada, Centro Histórico de la Ciudad, Santiago de Cuba

Canalcubano: Authentic Cuban Ambience. Here you can pay only with local currency. A curious place, rather shabby, but interesting. You might not like it at all or just love it. There is no middle way.

La Maison de Santiago

Ave.Manduley esq.1ra #52, Vista Alegre, Santiago de Cuba

Canalcubano: Another Havana namesake, it is a bar-cabaret-restaurant-and-shops, along with fashion shows and music. Usually well-attended and one of the city’s favorite nightspots

Del Marques

Plaza Dolores, Aguilera e/Calvario y Reloj, Santiago de Cuba

Canalcubano: This bar is located in a complex made up of several restaurants, in the old part of the city of Santiago. The bar has a charming patio with a pond, ideal for resting after walking down the old city

La Melipona

Hotel las Americas, on the roof top, Santiago de Cuba

Museo del Ron

San Basilio y Carniceria

La Pachanga

Hotel Los Corales-Carisol
Santiago de Cuba

Parque del Ajedrez

Santo Tomás esq. Enramada, Santiago de Cuba

Canalcubano: A popular hideout placed in the intersection of Santo Tomás and Enramada Streets, in the center of historical Santiago, where you can have a very strong Cuban coffee. Many locals and visitors make it a stopping point when strolling through the city and fill all of its original chess tables.

Patio de los Abuelos

Francisco Perez Cardbo #5, across from the Plaza de Marte, Santiago de Cuba
Tel: +53 22 623302

Canalcubano: Open-air Bar and coffee shop where you can enjoy performances of the area’s traditional music bands, poetry readers and variety shows. Open all day long.

Frommers: This place on the Plaza de Marte is a good place to listen to boleros and feelin'. The scene is a little older and more sedate than most of the places listed above, but folks still get up and dance. Moreover, the patrons and players show real love for the romantic ballads and tragic love songs that are the staples here.

Patio de Artex

Calle Heredia nº 304 entre Carnicería y Calvario, Santiago de Cuba.
Tel: +53 22 654814

Canalcubano: This delightful inner yard, part of a building which is situated in the historic part of the city, is another “must” for those who love good music and Santiago nights. Life music performances alternate with records. People there laugh, talk and dance while having a glass of Cuban rum. Refrescante! There is a saying in Cuba: “Oriente, tierra caliente!” which means that the real hot Cuba is to be found in the oriental part of the island. In this place you will be able to verify whether this is true or not.

Frommers: If there's not much happening at the Casa de la Trova, peek in here for live Cuban music almost every night of the week.

Pico Alto

Hotel Melia Santiago
Santiago de Cuba

Pico Real

Hotel Meliá Santiago
Ave. de las Américas esq. M, Santiago de Cuba

Canalcubano: A disco-bar on the top floor of the Meliá Santiago Hotel. Live music and an open terrace with an impressive view of the city.

Pista Pacho Alonso

Teatro Heredia, Santiago de Cuba

Canalcubano: Huge open-air space located close to Heredia theatre, during some days a traditional disco, on others a place for performances. We suggest you to have a look on its programming before going there but one thing for sure: during big son, salsa and rap concerts the atmosphere is sensational with locals dancing like mad.

Rancho Club

Hotel Casa Granda
Calle Heredia 201, e/ General Lacret and San Félix, Santiago de Cuba
Tel: +53 22 653021

Canalcubano: The terrace of the first floor and the roof Garden of the last floor are the best places in Santiago for drinking a coffee and rest. It is also the meeting point and departure of the stroll by the historical part (Casco Histórico). It is absolutely necessary to eliminate the terrifying discotheque music that some waitress use to put, what is more, it would be better if the sound-equipment could be retired in order to eliminate the temptation. Because the conversation and the murmur that comes from the life of Céspedes park are the best accompaniment for this unique place.

Frommers: A great spot for people-watching over the Parque Céspedes, this convivial terrace/balcony bar is always hopping, with live music and a good mix of foreigners and Cubans hoping to meet foreigners. The hotel also has a Rooftop Garden bar on the top floor with excellent views of the cathedral and Santiago Bay

Salon Havana Club

Hotel las Americas
Santiago de Cuba

Santiago Café

Hotel Meliá Santiago
Ave. de las Américas esq. M, Santiago de Cuba
Tel: +53 22 687070

Canalcubano: Open in 2002 and located on the ground floor of Hotel Meliá, this Café has contributed to create ambience in the hot Santiago´s nights. Its decoration makes reference to famous places in the city: the "Morro", the "Parque Céspedes", the Cathedral or "La Casa de la Trova". The place presents musical performances and fashion shows. There is a wonderful environment, especially on Sundays. A real must.

San Pedro del Mar

Carretera Morro, km 8, Santiago de Cuba
Tel: +53 22 691287

Wcities: One of the most traditional nightclubs in Santiago, it is famous for its cabarets and shows. Just a short walk from the Balcón del Caribe Hotel and the Castillo del Morro castle, the venue is built on a natural terrace that juts out into the sea. All visitors are well attended, and there is a wide choice both to eat and drink, including all sorts of Cuban drinks and cocktails. Wednesday and Thursday nights have a romantic theme to them, spiced with boleros and all sorts of nostalgic-sounding songs.


Av.Manduley #102, Santiago de Cuba

Taberna El Baturro

Calle Aguilera esq. San Félix, Santiago de Cuba

Canalcubano: An interesting place, it is not exactly a fashionable place but people like going there.

La Taberna de Dolores

Calle Aguilera at Reloj, Plaza Dolores, Santiago de Cuba
Tel: +53 22 623913

Frommers: This local hangout, and my favorite low-rent watering hole in Santiago, is in the pretty, leafy patio of an old colonial house. This peso-only joint usually has live music and always has cheap draft beer in plastic mugs. The crowd is mostly Cuban with a few backpacker sorts. You'll need a minimal bit of Spanish (like cerveza) and some Cuban pesos.

Taberna del Ron

Carnicería e/ San Basilio y Santa Lucía, Centro Histórico de la Ciudad, Santiago de Cuba

Canalcubano: Located next to Museo del Ron, this bar is ideal for the relaxing hours in the afternoon.

Teatro Heredia

Ave de las Américas esq. Circunvalación, Santiago de Cuba
Tel: +53 22 643178

Wcities: This theater is located on the corner of the city’s two largest avenues near the central part of downtown. It is the second largest theater in Cuba. The Heredia has three auditoriums equipped with modern lighting and audio systems, and a series of galleries on the ground floor that act as venues for exhibitions and meetings. Premieres brought periodically from Havana, along with the most important local plays are shown in this theater. It is built of metal and glass and has its own gardens.

Terraza Américas

Hotel Las Américas
Ave. las Américas esq. General Cebreco, Santiago de Cuba

Canalcubano: The terrace cafe at Las Américas Hotel is an open-air locale of unique atmosphere in Santiago by night. Visitors and locals fill its tables and come back again and again.

Terraza Hotel Libertad

Calle Aguilera #658, Plaza de Marte, Santiago de Cuba

Canalcubano: If you walk around the city don´t miss to visit the Hotel Libertad and its roof terrace. The bar you´ll find there offers an extraordinary panoramic view. Just take your time, have a seat and order a Daiquirí or a local beer. You will appreciate our advise.


Hotel Las Américas
Santiago de Cuba


Patio Bar
Autopista km 1.5, Santiago de Cuba

Tropicana Santiago

Cabaret, Discotheque
Autopista Nacional km. 1,5, Santiago de Cuba
Tel: +53 22642579; +53 22641031
Fax: +53 22646573

Canalcubano: Since it opened, Havana’s namesake is a must for tourists arriving to the city. Although less formal than its counterpart it boasts a great chorus line.

Wcities: Just like its sister club in Havana, this cabaret under the stars epitomises Santiago's way of life: open and carefree. The show, with live music, borrows liberally from the Afro-Caribbean roots of the local culture, especially its dances and traditions. Visitors are offered a true demonstration of splendor and luxury, thanks to the costumes, lighting, and the physical appearance of the dancers: thus a truly unforgettable experience is guaranteed for all, in one of the most Caribbean of all Cuban cities.

La Vía Central

Ave. Garzón esq. Carretera Central , Santiago de Cuba

Canalcubano: Near the famous Moncada Barrackas, this comfortable coffee shop offers ice-cream, beer and soft drinks. In the first floor you can buy sweets and pastries. A very successful place.

Bar Virgilio

General Lacret esquina Heredia, Santiago de Cuba

Wcities: On a street corner in the old quarter of Santiago is this bar, which belongs to the Casa de la Trova (La) (the House of Trova). This is a place where the city’s elder and younger troubadours gather, offering a fusion of old and new trova music. The bar itself is divided into two parts, one indoors and the other in the patio. The patio has tables surrounded by attractive plants. The house cocktail is the Trago Trovada, but there is also a varied cocktail list, coffee, locally-distilled rum, Caribbean rum, Mulata rum, and national and imported beers.










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