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Tour Guide in Havana

Yariley Tour Guide in Havana Cuba


Hola everyone!

My name is Yariley, but most of my friends call me Yari. I’m the typical ‘Habanera’, which basically means two things: Firstly, that I was born and raised in Havana, and secondly and more importantly, that I’m in love with my city!

I’m passionate about Havana’s streets, which are so colorful and overwhelming, and also about our history, which is full of brave and somewhat contradictory heroes. I take pride in our traditions, which date back to the times prior to Christopher Columbus’ arrival; in the diverse architecture of this coastal city, which like a book, portrays the three main political influences we have had over the last 500 years… But, above all, I enjoy what I consider our most precious treasure: the Cuban people, my people, who are always ready to offer a welcoming smile and a cup of good Cuban coffee!

I am a Social Sciences graduate, with extensive knowledge of politics, art, history and religion, and have developed a professional career in the media as well as teaching. And even though the latter has been rewarding in many aspects, one day I decided to diversify my profile and became a tour guide. Now, nine years later, all I can say is that this was one of the best decisions I ever made!

By performing this job I not only gained experience on practical hands-on customer service, but also have met so many interesting, kind people from all over the world, learnt so much about foreign cultures (and my own culture!) and made wonderful friends. And, on top of all this, I improved my communication skills, which combined with all my Social Sciences knowledge has helped me to deliver a satisfactory outcome for both the customer and the company (Cuba Junky).



What do I offer,then?
A customized walking tour around the main and more outstanding quarters of Havana; these are, the World Heritage area (Old Town), Havana Center, Vedado and Miramar. It is customized because it is adjusted to what the visitors are interested in; also, because you do not need to rush your ‘Habanera’ adventure; on the contrary, you are welcomed to take as much time as you need to enjoy the unique landscape of the capital city. Furthermore, if you are among those people with an enquiring mind, and have many tricky questions about the unrivaled Cuba, then I would say that you have got the right tour guide!

And there is more! Rides in a vintage car (convertible American car) are also offered. This is an incredible opportunity to feel like you are back in the ‘50s … And I mean this as even though some Cubans are catching up in terms of technology, having access to a speedy internet is still a macro challenge around here! Besides, taking an old American car has another advantage: If you want to cover a wider area that may provide you with a different perspective of Havana (not the touristy one!), and suddenly you feel that this tropical sun is too bright for you, then ‘walking’ in four wheels is all that you need to accomplish your goal!

So, if you are planning to visit this magical and challenging country, and need a reliable person that tells you what to do and where to go, do not hesitate in contacting me. I will be more than happy to help you out!!!

Nos vemos en La Habana!


Languages: Spanish, English, French

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Phone: +53 52942006 (cell)

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Reviews Yariley Tour Guide

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May 15 2021

Name: Marcie R Monaco

Country: United States

Tour date: 10/09/2019

How many people?: 2

We had two different two guides during our trip to Havana, and Yari was by far the best. She was so knowledgeable, engaging, kind, and funny. We would go back to Cuba and book her as our tour guide in a heartbeat.

March 11 2020

Name: Gina

Country: USA

Tour date: 02/7/2020

How many people?: 2

We met on time and tour was good around Havana. Not sure if we missed much or anything at all, but less screen time and more focus on the guests would make for a stellar tour. Guests typically expect an attentive guide, which was sometimes not the case. You get to walk around the capital building and Havana streets, learn a couple things about the city and some history. The city is beautiful and lots of architectural beauty to take in and appreciate. Good location for a walking tour.

Aug 11 2019

Name: Noha

Country: Canada

Tour date: 07/31/2019

City of the tour: Havana

How many people?: 2

How much did you pay for the tour?: $75

Languages spoken by the tour guide: English speaking

Yari was fabulous! Her English is clear and fluent. She is very knowledgeable and accommodating. She helped us understand the area, culture, system, even the street food. It felt like we got a real education! I highly recommend her!

Dec 12 2018

Country; USA

Yariley Tour Guide in Havana Cuba 

I would like to take this time to say THANK YOU SO MUCH. You made our trip so special. If at anytime u get to Kentucky keep my info and I will do what we can for such a special Lady like you. Hope you and your family the best for the Holidays coming. Linda and Woody. Have a sweet day

July 21 2017

Name: Laura

Your Country: United States

Tour date: 06/28/2017 

City Havana

I paid $35

Tour Guide Yariley Havana


Yari is a fabulous guide! Well-educated and very friendly, she was able to give us a wealth of information and interesting anecdotes about the specific sites and Cuban history and culture.

Her English is flawless (she got her Master's Degree in England, so it's probably better than most native speakers'!) 

Easy-going and flexible, she catered our tour to our interests and let us veer off course if something caught our fancy. We spent more than 3 hours exploring Havana Viejo and Havana Centro with her, and we are very glad that we were able to have her as a guide!

Name: Anna & Alyce

Country: Poland & Australia

Tour date: 05/28/2017

 I paid 140cuc each for 5 hrs in the convertible, driver and tour guide

Tour Guide Yariley - Review May 2017

Our tour guide, Yari, made our cuban experience amazing!! She was simply the best and the entire tour was worth every penny. It was rich in stories about architecture as well as politics and history. 
I was our first time to Havana and thanks to Yari and her driver we managed to see quite a lot. She was also very helpful with restaurant and bar recommendations. We'd give her 6

Name: Mikhail and Olga

Country: USA

Tour date: 04/22/2017


We had a great time with Yariley. She is fun and knowledgeable. Her tour around the old Havana was informative in terms of both the history of the city and the current life of its citizens. Overall, we highly recommend Yariley!

Name: Priscilla

Country: USA

Tour date: 02/23/2017

 I paid 35CUC

Yari is amazing, knowledgable and we enjoyed her company. We had a wonderful walking tour through Old Havana. She focused our day on what we were interested in, and was super flexible to extend our time together. We had a delicious lunch together and we would highly recommend booking with Yari!

Name: Mani

Country: UK

Tour date: 12/27/2016


Yariley was recommended by a friend, and we had a great walking tour of Havana with her. She is so cheerful and happy. As a local, she knows the city inside out, and has a lot of passion ,and pride in the city and the country. She is very friendly, warm, and is a great representative of the typical cuban culture, warmth, friendliness, and how welcoming they are are. She was mindful of our son (who took an instant liking to her!!) and made sure that the tour was tailored to suit our needs with regular stops. Would recommend thoroughly. In the end, she was more a friend than a guide - and the tour felt more like a nice long walk around Cuba with someone who knows, lives and breathes it!

Havana Tour Guide Yariey

Aug 17 2016
Name: Jaclyn
Country: United States
I had a tour on: 08/02/2016

Yari is AMAZING. Truly. We spent a day and half with her and had a blast. Our second day in Cuba, we wanted to explore Havana by foot to truly get a feel for the history and modern day culture. We did a walking tour of Habana Vieja and Centro, and then we did an afternoon drive to Vedado and Miramar in a classic car. Yari was friendly, professional, funny, and extremely knowledgeable about everything. Being from the U.S., we had a lot of questions. A lot. And Yari was more than patient and willing to just chat and chat, answering all of our questions, for as long as necessary. And she always did so with a smile. Not only was Yari knowledgeable about the history of the country, she was extremely well educated on Cuba's standing in the world as a whole. For this, we were able to get a well-rounded view of the country and the culture today. It really helped shape our perspective.

We would highly recommend Yari to everyone and have already done so to our friends and family! We hope to return to Cuba and tour with her again!

Yari, come visit us in NY soon!

August 2 2016
Name: Rosemary and Jeff Niehus
Country: Australia

Yari's walking tour

There really is only one way to see Old Havana and that is on foot. We had our introduction to Havana Vieja and Centro Havana and indeed Cuba with Yariley. Yari knew everything there was to know about Havana and Cuba and has the insight of someone who has spent time abroad, a real bonus in this country. We were quite saturated with facts after a few hours and she was able to give us a real insight into Cuba, answering all our questions openly and knowledgeably.
Yari provided us with an excellent start to our month in Cuba!

Name: Nick

Country: Australia

Tour date: 05/01/2016


I took 2 tours with Yari and both were fantastic. The first was around Havana Viejo (the old town) and the second was through Vedado and Miramar. She is incredibly knowledgeable about Cuban history and also willing to discuss Cuban politics and society today, which I found most fascinating as I was able to hear from a real Habanera exactly how life is for them in these changing times. She also has great recommendations for food and organised a nice casa particular for me in Havana Centro, my favourite place to stay and explore the local culture. I highly recommend a tour or two with Yari - she speaks perfect English and goes out of her way to help - you won't be disappointed!

April 9 2016

Hola Yari,

How are you? We enjoyed ourselves very much in Cuba but, are happy to be back home amongst friends and family. Thank you very much for your excellent services. I just sent along a review a few minutes ago.

We would also like to say that the Casa you arraigned for us in Havana was amazing. The hosts were so kind and thoughtful. We would recommend them to anyone.
Thank you for everything Yari,
You are always welcome here in Canada!

Blair and Carol

March 24 2016
Name: Amy
Country: USA

Hi Yari,

Little did we know when we placed a phone call for a tour guide that instead we would get "Yari, Patron Saint of Habana Touristas!" And for that we say Mucho, much gracias! You provided us the most important tool we could use on our trip and that is, how to look at Cuba. Our only regret is that we don't have more time to spend with you to learn . Since we left you we both look at each other with a question about Cuba and express in unison, "Wonder what Yari would say?"

As you know the Casa Particular you arranged for us to stay was right around the corner from where Obama had dinner Monday night. I walked over to San Cristobel to see about reservations and got there just in time to see Obama's arrival for dinner. How exciting! Poetic irony that I have to come to Cuba to see our president.

Doris and her family are great hosts. Thanks so much for setting us up there. We're only sorry we did not stay there the whole time and we hope to stay there prior to flying out in a few weeks.

We wish you the best for your business plans and know you will be a success.


Name: Blair Christian

Country: Canada

Tour date: 03/25/2016 


Yari showed up exactly at the prearranged time to meet us at the Casa Particular that she found for us. Our whole time in Cuba went very well. As soon as we exited the airport our driver was waiting for us with a sign with our name on it. Yari had set this up as well as she making sure we were in the right neighbourhood for our purposes. I can write all day about our hosts at the Casa and their incredible hospitality. Carol and I were so amazed at their kindness and how eager they were to make us comfortable! 
Yari took us for a walking tour of Havana where she showed us all the historic places and explained Cuban life. She also made sure that we were oriented enough to find our way around on our own afterwards. She took her time and you could see the pride she felt in her country. We felt very lucky to have her as our guide and also for her great help in ensuring that we were comfortable. 
I would highly recommend Yari to anyone travelling to Cuba. I feel like the experience was so much better because of her.

Name: Steve

Country: Canada

Tour date: 02/28/2016


Our first full day in Habana, we had booked Yari for a walking tour of the city. That was a very good decision as we were better able to enjoy the rest of our time in Havana. From the time we met Yari at our Casa in Centro Habana, we were full of questions that Yari successfully answered. From history - to politics - to economics - to culture, she is a rich source of information. Learning about the city made it that much more interesting.

Even thought she was a bit under the weather, she was friendly and upbeat. All our questions were treated with equal respect and we were encouraged to ask as much as we liked. Her English is excellent and you can pick up some of her British accent that might be a result of her post degree studies in Britain.

We spent most of that day together exploring the city - while also being sensitive to our needs as older folks - more rest stops. Having so many cafes facilitated that in style.

I'm happy to recommend Yari's services as a tour guide to anyone visiting Havana.

Name: Terry and Dawn

Country: Canada

Tour date: 02/26/2016

 I paid $50

Our tour with Yari was a wonderful experience! In a few hours we were introduced to old Havana and guided expertly from sight to sight. I say expertly because Yari is well-educated and also loves her city and enjoys sharing what she knows. Outside of the tour itself, we were guided to the best cafe for a snack and the best restaurant for a meal to cap off our day. 

Also very much appreciated: Yari found excellent lodging for us in Havana before we arrived. It was our first visit to Cuba and we were not confident about finding a casa on our own. Yari is well-connected and we will hire her again if we are lucky enough to return to Havana.


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