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Baracoa & Guantanamo Nightlife

Baracoa at Night

Baracoa has an amazingly lively after-dark scene for a town so small. In fact, it's nightlife ranks among the best in Cuba. Virtually all the clubs and live-music venues are conveniently located on a single street, Calle Antonio Maceo, making Baracoa throb at night like a tiny, tropical New Orleans, with traditional Cuban and contemporary dance music and revelers spilling out into the street until the wee hours. The scene is especially buoyant on Saturday nights, when Baracoans host a street party along Maceo. Unique to Baracoa are the enthusiastic animadores, or emcees, who introduce songs and bands and entertain audiences with florid language, poetry, and humor.

Cafetería Baracoa

Maceo #129, Baracoa, Cuba

Canalcubano: During the day it is a restaurant, at night it changes into a lively bar and location where "El Ruso y su Banda" usually performs, a very popular musical group in the city.

Calle Maceo

Canalcubano: Every Saturday in Maceo street from Parque Central to Casa del Chocolate, there are several open-air stands with drinks and food till late in the night. The tourist can enjoy, this way, the local life of Baracoa.

Casa de la Cultura

Maceo #124, Baracoa, Cuba

Casa de la Trova

The smallest Casa de la Trova of Cuba looks more like a living room
Maceo #149A , Baracoa, Cuba

Frommers: The first spot to stop is the local Casa de la Trova, Maceo 149, a comfortable, well-lighted place loaded with locals and featuring good bands and a gregarious emcee. If you're lucky, you'll get to hear Maravilla Yuqueña, a wonderful group, with a venerable old lead singer who should be far more famous than he is.

Canalcubano: This is one of the liveliest places in the city, in which there are performances of musical groups and solists of the more traditional style from all the Guantánamo province. It is usually crowded with Cuban people and tourists.

Noche de Praga

Maceo #141, Baracoa, Cuba

Canalcubano: There are usually lots of Cuban people, mixed with some tourist, in this only "disco-like" place in Baracoa. During week-ends it gets crowded.

Cafe el Patio

Maceo #120, Baracoa, Cuba

Frommers: El Patio ARTex, a cute, brightly colored cafe with red lamps and a slanted corrugated tin roof. The live music is pure Cuban son.

Bar El Ranchón

Loma El Paraíso, Baracoa, Cuba

Canalcubano: This is the most lively place of Baracoa´s night. There are live performances of musical groups of Cuban Son. It has a mixed grill and spectacular views.

Rumbos Parque Central

Canalcubano: Open 24 hours, this place at night frequently offers life performances. It is also possible to eat a little something over there.

Bar Terraza del Hotel La Rusa

Hotel La Rusa
Máximo Gómez #161, Baracoa, Cuba

Canalcubano: From this roof terrace of the small hotel at the legendary "Rusa" you can have something to drink or have any of the simple dishes, while watching the lively life of the Malecón.

Cine Teatro Encanto

Maceo #148, Baracoa, Cuba

La Terraza

Frommers: La Terraza is a huge open-air terrace on top of a building. It has a nightly show and full-throttle, decibel-busting disco a la cubana under the stars, with dancers and occasional dance contests (where, if you can shake it like the locals, you might win a fried chicken!).













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