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Scuba Diving Maria La Gorda & Cayo Levisa

Scuba diving Maria La Gorda Maria La Gorda diving zone, in the Ensenada de Corrientes, is one of the most protected areas in Cuba with an amazing coral reef development, located at a very short distance from the coast. From 5 meters (16 feet) you can see big and insolated patches of coral with an abundant sessile fauna, specially gorgonians and sea fans, more than 20 species of coral and lots of small and medium size fish. Lobsters, morays and crabs can be frequently seen in the boles of the bottom.





From 10 meters (33 feet) deep these patches are joined together and increasingly higher, thus forming a chain of tall coral hillocks cut by channels and passages, with walls falling sharply and deeply. This wall shows attractive structures such as holes, tunnels and vertical caves, where you can see beautiful black coral colonies, big tubular branch or cup shape sponges and 2 meters (6.5 feet) high gorgonians.

Among the fish that move along the wall we can mention barracudas, jacks, dogsnappers, snappers and schoolmasters. You can also see eagle rays and stingrays.

Sometimes and with a little bit of luck some mantas and whale shark can be observed. This Diving Center has 50 sites of high level diving, some are still not named, all of them are less than 1 hour cruise, some at even 5 minutes away. Generally, the are all much more alike, many are suitable for wall diving, but each one has its particular charm. We suggest to you El Cabezon de Ludo, El Salon de Maria, El Almirante y Yemaya, and the second diving of the day Acuario, El Ancla de Francois and El Jardin de la Gorgonia.

Since the diving site is very near, you can do the first dive in the morning, at about 09:00 get back to the Villa, and then second dive in the afternoon, at about `15:00. As a protection measure, the Diving Center makes sure that divings cannot go deeper then 30 meters (98 feet) and not more than 40 minutes dive.


Best Scuba Diving Sites Maria La Gorda

Paraiso Perdido Dept 18 - 30 meters

The coral and fish in this area is delightful. Huge lettuce, plate and flower corals and a abundance of sea fans, whips and rods surrounded by large purple baskets and yellow tubular sponges are a common sight. The density of sponges and fans increases as you move closer to the wall, which begins at a depth of 30 meters and reveals a great deal of marine life. The wall has many interesting holes and crevices offering shelter to a variety of fish and invertebrates. Ascending along the wall to the submarine terrace, you will find entry to shallower regions through sandy channels. It is common to see schools of blue chromis as well as angelfish, groupers, snappers and surgeons.

Ancla del Pirata Dept 15 meters

This dive site ideal for the novice diver is located thirty minutes from the dive center. Its name translates as "pirate's anchor" named after a giant two ton, eighteen century anchor found in these
The anchor rests against coral promontories and is covered with crustaceans and corals. Sponges and gorgonians are common in this region and you are likely to see snappers, bass, wrasse, jacks, angel and squirrel fish.

Las Tetas de Maria Dept 24 meters

Its name (Maria's breasts) comes from the rock formations that jut out to sea from the land. The dive site is located just in line with those rocks. Sandy channels weave their way around large size coral covered rock formations and are the most prominent feature of this dive site.
Most variety of corals can be found here: flower, leaf, brain and lettuce. Soft corals are also plentiful. Snappers, angelfish, jacks and groupers abound in this area.

El Salon de Maria Dept 20 meters

El Salon, or "the hall" is a cave characterized by its sponges and coral formations. It is located 10 minute away by boat from Maria La Gorda.
You may enter it from any of three entrances and be amazed by its bright purple, pink, blue and green decoration.
The cave is home to a large number of tropical fish as well as many corals and sponges.

El Almirante Dept 27 meters

At 90ft you reach the wall covered with huge sponges and gorgonians. Visibility at this site is usually excellent and tarpon, angel fish, grunts and grouper are popular in this area. At 100 ft you'll find blooms of black coral. This wall has a beautiful bright blue backdrop and whale sharks frequently can be seen swimming by.


Scuba Diving Centers Pinar del Rio

Maria La Gorda

Diving Center - María La Gorda
Marinas Puertosol
Address: La Bajada, península de Guanahacabibes, Pinar del Río, Cuba
Phone: +53 82 771306 / 78131
Location: 19°59’ N, 75°52’ W

Cayo Levisa

Diving Center - Diving World
Cayo Levisa, La Palma, Pinar del Río, Cuba
Phone: +53 226) 26471 - 73











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