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Scuba diving Cienfuegos

Cienfuegos a city in the Caribbean, on the central southern coast of Cuba, with one of the largest and cleanest bays in the Caribbean. It is also known as the Pearl of the South. Beautiful palaces, parks, theaters, churches and other old buildings, surrounding quaint city squares, and pervaded everywhere by the closeness of the sea.



To the east, only a short distance from the lighthouse that marks the access channel to the hay, you'll find the Faro de Luna Diving Center, which, together with the hotel with the same name, is a must for lovers of the underwater world.

The diving zone close by is characterized by the calmness and visibility of its waters and by large coral reefs interspersed by deep, wide channels dropping from 10 down to 40 meters. Other diving sites have coral formations forming barriers that, in some places, reach the surface. This diving zone has 6 shipwrecks and you can sail to the-furthest sites in under 10 minutes.

Best Diving Sites in Cienfuegos area

La Corona Depth: 30 meters

This site is characterized by spectacular narrow coral channels, more than 10 meters deep at some points, dropping sharply down to an extensive sandy plateau. You can watch the doings of big fish like groupers, barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda), many coral species, lobster, crab and, occasionally, the majestic whale shark (Rbincodon typus).

Camaroneros I and 11 Depth: 10-25 meters

The zone is identified by two fishing boats that were intentionally sunk and turned into attractive artificial reefs where an abundant coral fauna seeks shelter.

Punta Sabanilla Depth: 30 meters

The coral bottom here is very beautiful thanks to the exuberant development of the fauna, among which stand out the gorgonians and corals whose untrammeled growth have created deep narrow channels abounding in fish, crustaceans and mollusks of capricious shapes and attractive colors.



Diving Centers Cienfuegos

Diving Center - Faro Luna Cubanacán Náutica
Hotel Faro Luna, Carretera de Rancho Luna, km. 17
Phone: +53 432 548040

Diving Center - Guajimico Cubamar
Carretera de Trinidad, km. 42, Cumanayagua
Phone: +53 42 540946

Diving Center - Whale Shark Marinas Puertosol
Hotel Rancho Luna, carretera de Rancho Luna, km. 16
Phones: +53 432 551275 /551241








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