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Cienfuegos Restaurants

List of restaurants and paladars in Cienfuegos and its surroundings




Restaurant 1860

Calle 31 esquina a 54, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Tel: +53 432451020

Canalcubano: This elegant restaurant belonging to Hotel La Unión, presents both Cuban and international cuisine. An attractive place, though the service is not always the best.

Restaurant La Aguada

Autopista Nacional Km 172, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Tel: +53 43262136

In a typical rural palm-frond-roofed wooden ranch you can enjoy the different dishes from the national cuisine.


Restaurante Bahia

Ave 40 #3713, e/37 y 39, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Restaurante Bahia located at the beginning of the Malecon in Cienfuegos, offers Cuban dishes and international cuisine. Completely remodeled as it used to be in 1934 when it got built. The owner is Juan Carlos Figueredo Avalos and her staff is made up of: Belkis, Mario, Erwin, Ariel and Gualdo.
Restaurante Bahia is credited to feel the comfort of an attentive family. Between 20 and 30 people daily visit the restaurant. The lunch and dinner are fundamental elements of mass white fish, shrimp and cheese Combinado Lacteo Escambray. An exclusive fish fillet "Cansiller", created in 1960 by veteran restaurant southern Laguna del Cura. Emilio, a broad endorsement Chef prepares dishes: Cienfuegos fish fillet, seafood paella and stuffed chicken thigh "Bahia".
The facilities, local adaptations of old music and video equipment, indicate the amount of a great investment. This restaurant is known around a few years repay the initial cost and the merit of contributing and expanding the rescue of the technical excellence of the restaurant, in this beautiful seaside city: Cienfuegos: the Pearl of the South.

Reviews Restaurante Bahia

Name: Daynelis
Country: USA
I had dinner there at: 10/16/2012

Restaurant Bahia

My review: Best restaurant in Cienfuegos, Best Paella marinera ever! Very good service and reasonable priced. This place is located at the beginning of Malecon AVE 40 #3713 e/37 y 39 I will certainly come back and I highly recommended to every one


Name: ariel pavia lara
Country: miami,eua
I had lunch there at: 5/4/2011
I had dinner with 4 personas

My review: es una reserva para como las 5 de la tarde para ciuatro personas es un resturant nuevo en cianfuego se nombra restaurant bahia


Restaurant El Benny

Ave 54 #2709, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Tel: +53 432551105

International food restaurant livened up with taped or live music themes of the famous Cuban singer Benny Moré.

Restaurant Bouyon 1825

Calle 25 #5605 e/56 y 58 Casco Histórico, Cienfuegos, Cuba


Restaurant Caribe

Hotel Faro Luna
, Cuba

Restaurant Caonao

Hotel Jagua
, Cuba

Casa Caribena

Calle 35, e/. 18 y 20, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Tel: +53 432557016

Canalcubano: It is a typical wooden house of Cienfuegos seashore. It is next to the bay pier. They offer a variety of dishes and popular music in the gardens at night.

Restaurant La Casa del Pescador

Punta La Milpa, Ciefuegos, Cuba
Tel: +53 4328160

Canalcubano: It is near Pasacaballos Hotel. The Restaurant lies next to the entrance bay canal. An ideal place to wait for lunch. They serve exquisite roast fish. A baked fish with potatoes, sweat potato, onion and pepper was the last sin we committed.

Restaurant La Casona de Conde

Ave 0 #3502, e/ 35 y 37, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Tel: +53 43 517039

Restaurant Castillo de Jagua

Fortaleza del Castillo de Jagua, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Tel: +53 432556402

In Castillo de Jagua Fortress, which is considered the 3ª important fortress of the country and which was declared National Monument. Choice of dishes from the world’s cuisine and “La Dama Azul” (The Blue Lady) paella as the main course. It also offers cocktail, drink, and juice service, livened up with live music and special nights with the production of the Blue Lady's legend.

Restaurant Casa de Chango

Restaurant Club Cienfuegos

Calle 37 (between Avs 10 and 12) | Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Tel: +53 512891

Restaurant El Cochinito

Cocina criolla
Cienfuegos, Cuba

Restaurant Los Corales

Villa Guajimico, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Restaurant Costasur

Calle 38 e/ 55 y 33, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Restaurant Covadonga

Calle 37 e/ 0 y 1ra, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos
Tel: +53 432516949

Canalcubano: "This fantastic paellas done by doña María..." remember some old clients. It was María Covadonga Lano who in 1940 introduced the famous paella from the Spanish city Valencia in this place, making it famous all over Cuba. Even Fidel Castro and his “barbudos” (bearded comrades) took their time in Cienfuegos, to have lunch here the 7th of January 1959, just before entering Havana. The quality is still there so even if there are other dishes in its menu now, don’t hesitate to try this paella which ended up being a part of the city with other restaurants fighting for its supremacy.

Restaurant El Criollo

Cocina criolla
Hotel Pasacaballo
37 #5612, Cienfuegos
, Cuba

Restaurant El Criollito

Calle 33 #5603, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Restaurant Cubanitas La Juanita

Comidas ligeras
Reparto La Juanita, Cienfuegos
, Cuba

Restaurant Cubanitas Pueblo Griffo

Comidas ligeras
Reparto Pueblo Griffo, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Restaurant Cueva del Camaron

37 e/ 0 y 1ra, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Tel: +53 432551128

The emphasis is on prawns, wich are served as fresh as possible and cooked in a number of different ways.

Frommers: While nowhere near as elaborate as the Palacio del Valle, this popular restaurant is also housed in a beautifully restored old mansion. Ornate Moorish-style tiled wainscoting greets you in the entryway, and works its way around the first floor and up the stairway. The high arched interior doorways feature intricate woodcarvings. Most of the seating and the joint's popular bar are located on an open-air patio right on the water, although there's a separate rooftop terrace that serves as a second bar, where you can also dine with an elevated view of the harbor. Stick with the seafood here. They've got fresh fish, shrimp, and lobster prepared however you like it, and they even have a decent selection of reasonably priced imported wines.

Canalcubano: It is the Cienfuegos Capital of the popular seafaring paella for many people. The paella is served in clay pot where you can find ‘anything’. Your increasing appetite will clear the pot bottom. Towners eat it with cold beer. It is a good recommendation.


Restaurant Dinos Pizza

Calle 31 #5418, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Restaurant Donaneli

Panadería-Dulcería, Calle 62, esq. a 41, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Restaurant Dona Nora

Calle 37 (Prado) #4219 e/ 42 and 44, Cienfuegos, Cuba


Restaurant Escambray

Hotel Jagua
, Cuba


Restaurant Faro Luna

Cocina internacional
Hotel Faro Luna
, Cuba


Restaurant Gioventu Pizzeria

Calle 37 #5215, e/ 52 y 54, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Restaurant Las Golondrinas

Hotel Pasacaballo
, Cuba


Restaurant Imaray

Hotel Rancho Luna
, Cuba

Restaurant La Isabella

Carretera a Rancho Luna Km 1, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Tel: +53 432557606

Located on the highway toward Rancho Luna, 3 kms. (about 2 miles) from downtown. It offers typical Cuban food, such as roast pork, congrí. Livened up by Cuban countryside dance and music, it includes entertainment, cock fights and trained animal shows.


Restaurant Laguna del Cura

Cocina criolla and international
Calle 10 y 47, Cienfuegos
, Cuba

El Lobo - Paladar

Calle 37 #4226 e/ 42 y 44, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
Open daily 11am - 3pm and 7pm - 11pm.

Reviews Paladar El Lobo

March 6 2012
Name: Angela Fleites Toris
Country: Canada

I had dinner there at: 1/9/2012
I had dinner with : My husband who is Cuban (I am Canadian)

My review: Since my husband is Cuban he was determined to find a Paladar in Cienfuegos. Finding an upscale restaurant in this city is not a problem and I don't mind paying for a fabulous meal if it is worth it but I found that allot of the restaurants in Cienfuegos were overpriced. Hence, we were pleased to find El Lobo, a local Paladar instead.

We were very pleased to find a fantastic Paladar called El Lobo on the main street that runs through the city.
El Lobo can be located at:
Calle 37 # 4226 entre 42 y 44, Cienfuegos, Cuba.
They are open daily 11am - 3pm and 7pm - 11pm.

The food was fantastic and my husband was full of compliments, which he relayed to the owner/waiter, named Santy, short for Santiago Gonzalez Martinez.

My husband is a chef and gave top marks for the food that was served at this restaurant. If you have ever eaten in a home of a local, then you will know that it can be an eye-opener.
The food at this restaurant was cooked in a clean kitchen and the food was not overcooked or greasy. The vegetables used in the salad were very fresh and I was pleased that they had a lovely, low calorie, oil and vinegar dressing.

Please note that this is a restaurant cooked in somebody's home so the decor if very limited. The owner Santy makes up for that with his friendly attitude and love of music. When I say music, I mean the oldies, as in rock. His favourite I would say would have to be Queen. You will see some memorabilia from a trip he took to England to see Queen in concert before Freddie Mercury died.

Santy was a very interesting fella and I would definitely visit his Paladar again in the future.
I have to say again, the food was amazing and your wallet will be happy too.


Restaurant El Mandarin

Cocina asiática
Paseo del Prado, esq. a 60, Cienfuegos
, Cuba

Restaurant Meson El Palatino

Comidas ligeras
54 #2514, Parque José Martí, Cienfuegos
, Cuba


Restaurant El Paisaje

Hotel Pasacaballo
, Cuba

Restaurant Palacio de Valle

Calle 37 e/ 0 y 2, Punta Gorda, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Tel: +53 432553021 - 553025

This restaurant, in the dazzling setting of the most famous building in town, features good quality fish and seafood, including lobster. The bar on the terrace has splendid view of the bay. A pianist often plays

Frommers: The food's not nearly as spectacular as the setting, but the luxurious and ornate surroundings just about make up for it. Music and entertainment in the main dining room is provided by the charismatic María del Carmen Iznaga Guillén, niece of the great Cuban poet Nicolás Guillén. The cuisine here is uninspired, but certainly acceptable. This place is the de rigueur stop in town and there's a cattle-car feel to the whole operation. My favorite draw here is the rooftop bar, with its fabulous views over the harbor.

Restaurant de Paris

Calle 31 no 5212 e/ 52 y 54 | Cienfuegos, Cuba, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Restaurant Parrillada

Hotel Faro Luna
, Cuba

Restaurant Parilla Piscina

Hotel Rancho Luna
, Cuba

Restaurant Parrillada Te Quedaras

Calle 54 e/ 29 y 31. Boulevard, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Tel: +53 432551105

Excelent roated meat at a Creole style

Restaurant El Palatino

Calle 54 #2514 esq. a 27, Parque José Martí, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Tel: +53 432551244

In a joyful environment you will delight in the delicacies of the house.

Canalcubano: It is the oldest building that surrounds Martí Park.The heart of the Historical Trinitarian Center. Visitors may enjoy the direct contact with towners in the portals, trinitarian variant of the Parisian Café. Nice town for visitors to stroll.

Restaurant Pepe

Calle 33, e/ Ave 56 und 58, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Restaurant Pizza Nova

Calle 31 #5418, e/. 54 y 56, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Tel: +53 432552020

Enjoy the most representative dishes of the Italian cuisine.

Canalcubano: Open in 2001, this is other of the places of the successful firm Pizza Nova. This is located opposite Hotel Unión, a minute walk from the boulevard. Its quality is correct and has an excellent selection of olive oil -with laurel, garlic or chili-. Prices are acceptable and the service is good.

Restaurant El Polinesio

Calle 29, e/ 54 y 56, Cienfuegos, Cuba
Tel: (432) 5723

Canalcubano: We consider it quite amazing to find different Restaurants which, since decades, offer Polynesian food in different Cuban cities. The best known is the one in Cienfuegos. Its exotic decoration is creating a huge contrast with the exteriors of the building itself. As for the kitchen, we think that its level is quite fine and in harmony with the price list.

Restaurant El Pollito

Cocina criolla
Calle 37, esq. a 56, Cienfuegos
, Cuba

Restaurant Prado y Linea

Comidas ligeras
Calle 37 y 76, Cienfuegos
, Cuba

Restaurant Punta La Cueva

Cocina criolla
Hotel Punta La Cueva
Cienfuegos, Cuba


Restaurant El Ranchon

Villa Yaguanabo, Cienfuegos, Cuba

El Rapido

Malecón, esq. a 26, Cienfuegos, Cuba

The Cuban Mac Donalds


Cafetaria San Carlos

Comidas ligeras
Calle 37, esq a 56, Cienfuegos
, Cuba


Cafe Telegrafo

Av. 56, Calle 33 and 35, Cienfuegos, Cuba

Restaurant Turreira

Hotel Rancho Luna
, Cuba


Restaurant La Verja

Cocina criolla
Calle 54 #3306, Cienfuegos
, Cuba

Canalcubano: In the boulevard of Cienfuegos, it is located this restaurant, in an old big house, that offers simple Cuban meals. Prices are very very cheap.


Restaurant Yaima

Cocina internacional
Hotel Rancho Luna
, Cuba










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