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Villa Clara Nightlife

Discoteca's, bars and clubs in the province of Villa Clara


Bar Club Boulevard
Independencia #225 e/ Maceo y Unión, Santa Clara, Cuba
Tel: +53 42 216236

Canalcubano: One of the most famous clubs in Santa Clara´s night. It presents live performances, within a Cuban environment with varied people liking dancing a lot. It is crowded from Friday to Sunday.


Carretera Eucaliptos, Santa Clara, Cuba
La Cascada
Hotel Hanabanilla
Manicaragua, Cuba
Café Concert
Villa La Granjita
Santa Clara, Cuba


El Dorado
Piano Bar

Canalcubano: In the very centre of Santa Clara, this piano bar is one of the most lively night clubs here. At weekends, it is crowded.


Cafetería Europa
Santa Clara, Cuba

Canalcubano: Within the animated environment of the main boulevard in Santa Clara, shopping center and meeting place for people living there, Cafetería Europa and its terrace is an ideal place to have something to drink or eat a light meal.


Café La Marquesina
Parque Vidal, Santa Clara, Cuba

Canalcubano: This establishment has its main attractions in its ambience, all the day long, and in its location, at a corner of Parque Vidal. Necessary stop when in Santa Clara.

Frommers: just off the Teatro La Caridad, is a good bar. It usually draws a mix of college students, locals, and tourists. There's often a small group playing, and if you're lucky, you'll be able to pay in Cuban pesos.


Peña El Mejunje
Marta Abreu #12 e/ Zayas y Lubián, Santa Clara, Cuba

Canalcubano: This is a very special place not only in Santa Clara but in the whole country. A terrace-bar, with a wide programme of live and cultural performances, managed by Silverio, that is in its best moment of its twenty years of existence. Every night in the week, there are theatre plays, poetry recitals, musical performances -from the mytic Cascarita or Los Faquires to rock groups-, quick-change artists,...even, on Sunday´s mornings entertainment for children. To El Mejunje, few foreign people come though, but lots of Cubans from all the places in the country.

Frommers: With an artsy bohemian vibe, Club Mejunje, Calle Marta Abreu 12, is probably our favorite spot, featuring regular concerts, poetry readings, and theater pieces put on in their brick-walled open-air courtyard

Pullman Bar
Santa Clara, Cuba

Canalcubano: A charming and lively bar, located at a corner of the main boulevard. It has an adjoining pizzeria.

Salón Primavera
Máximo Gómez #51, Santa Clara, Cuba

Canalcubano: This is a disco very liked by young people. The service, by chain Rumbos, is professional and nice.


Hotel Santa Clara Libre
Santa Clara, Cuba

Canalcubano: Located in the basement of Hotel Santa Clara Libre, its decoration comes from the 1950´s or 1960´s, what can be attractive for some. At weekends, it is usually crowded.


Hotel Santa Clara Libre

Canalcubano: It is the bar of Hotel Santa Clara Libre, located in one of its upper floors, offering a splendid view of Parque Vidal and a good service for drinks.

Bar Tradicional
Hotel Elguea
Corralillo, Cuba

Hotel Santa Clara Libre
Santa Clara, Cuba

Canalcubano: This is the night bar of Hotel Santa Clara Libre located in its upper floor, from which there is a spectacular panorama of the city. The bar has a big open-air terrace and always presents the performance of a musical group or a comedian, what attracts lots of people.




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