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Hector's Pizza

Centro Havana




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Hectors Pizzas Havana

Celina's Pizza

Formerly Hector's Pizzas

Address: Corner Infanta at a rooftop of San Rafael
Centro Havana

Pizzas can be ordered from the street.

The real Havana Pizza experience you will find at the very popular Hector's Pizzas. Hector has a kitchen on a rooftop in San Rafael just around the corner at El Rapido, the Cuban Mc Donals. You will recongnize Hectors Pizzas in first by a lot of people waiting in the street looking up.

Ordering is easy, ask the people in the street who is last (La Ultima?) somebody will raise his/her hand, then wait till Hector (standing on the roof) asks your order. Your pizza will come down in a basket on a rope, just put 10 Cuban local pesos in the basket and exchange it for the pizza.

Hector's pizzas are real Cuban, don't expect an Italian one. But they are tasty and its worth the real Cuban experience :)

Hector usually is open from around 12 noon untill 4:00 pm. When he is closed there will be a sign "No Hay Pizzas" like this picture shows


Hectors Pizza

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