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Taxi Colectivo Havana

Taxi Colectivo Havana

Shared local Cuban taxi, 99% of these taxi's are old American cars and some Russian Lada's or Moscovitch.

The old cars like Chevrolets from the '50 recognizable by their taxi signs at the front window. They ride a one way route, Cubans stand along the route and hop in and out. The Almendrones (Cuban slang for old car) start their route at Parque Central at the corner of Prado and Neptuno, this is the main route that go from the corner of Parque Central at the Italian restaurant to Miramar or Marianao.

Some of them take Calle 23 - La Rampa (the ones going to Marianao, a reference point should be Ciudad Libertad) and the others take Linea and go to Miramar trough 3rd avenue.
The way back the route is the same, that will say ... Neptuno is a one wat street, in Centro Havana untill the end they go through the Malecon or San Lazaro.

How to?

- First of all, don't hop on at the corner of Neptuno and Parque Central, the taxi driver will treat you as a tourist and will charge you a normal taxi rate. Just walk one or two blocks into Neptuno and wait at the side of the street, as soon as you see a colectivo coming wave your hand to stop the colectivo.
- When they call you if you want a taxi, ditto as the above. They charge you a normal rate
- Don't say where you are exactly going, I mean, don't say for example: "Hotel Chateau Miramar" . Just ask the driver if the collectivo stops around Calle .... name it.
- Dont's ask for a price! The price is fixed at 10 pesos Cubano untill the tunnel after the tunnel 20 pesos Cubano.

Just stand next to the road, when you see a colectivo raise your hand, the taxi will stop and you ask for the name of the street where you would like to go to. Hop in the taxi and pay the driver in cash when you are (almost) there. Remember, they don't have much change so pay in small pesos Cubano

Cost of the trip from Parque Central to Marianao or Miramar is 20 Nacional Cuban Pesos, if you go only untill Havana Vedado (tunnel) the price is 10 Nacional Cuban Pesos. Ten pesos Cubano is 0.50 CUC

Map of the taxi colectivo route

Below the map of the taxi colectivo in Havana.
Along the whole route you can hop on and off for a few pesos Cubano

View Havana - Taxi Colectivo route in a larger map 

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