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Casa Aleido | Centro Havana | Cuba

Casa Aleido Centro Havana Cuba

Photo Gallery Casa Aleido

Aleido's colorful gay friendly casa is just around the corner of Hotel Inglaterra in the busy part of Calle San Rafael, a great location for those who like to be close to the action, at the border of Havana Centro and Habana Vieja. Aleido rents out three gorgeous rooms. The room in the front is with private bathroom, bedroom with comfortable living room in 1, dining room and the air-conditioning is the best of all casas in Cuba I've ever seen. From the 2 huge doors you have a stunning view on the busy street scene. The second room is smaller but lovely decorated too and has also all facilities you need including a private bathroom. On the top floor Aleido has a third room with kitchen and a terrace overlooking Havana. This room on the top floor has a complicated stairs which he is intending to change as soon as possible.
Aleido is a great cook since in the past he used to have one of the best paladares in Havana.
Absolutely a top class casa at a top location!

Amenities: Air conditioning, Breakfast and dinner service, Gay friendly, Kingsize bed, Nightlife nearby, Private bathroom, Shops nearby, Laundry, Safety box, bathroom with shower, minibar

Just around the corner of Hotel Inglaterra and Parque Central

Address: Calle San Rafael #108, apto #1, e/ Consulado y Industria, Centro Havana, Cuba

Tel: +53 7 863455

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Reviews Casa Aleido

March 28 2015
Name: Mauricio Badillo
Country: Colombia
I stayed here at: 03/05/2015
I made a reservation through Cuba-Junky
I paid 30 CUC per night

Casa Aleido

Casa Aleido | Centro Havana | Cuba

My review: Era mi segundo viaje a Cuba, pero necesitaba encontrar algo mas que un lugar para alojarme, era encontrar una muy buena atención, familiaridad, alguien con quien conversar, quien te oriente y te de consejos de como descubrir lo mejor de la havana,un amigo, y la verdad fue la mejor elección, por que todo eso lo encontré en casa de Aleydo, y con Aleydo mismo, además de su equipo de trabajo Maydelin y Pipo, sus dos personas cercanas y quienes lo apoyan en todo el servicio, espero regresar de nuevo y poder compartir mas.

How was your room?: Mi habitación fue muy comoda, limpia y ordenada, lo necesario para poder descansar y sentirse bien.

Casa Aleido | Centro Havana | Cuba

How was the food they offer?: Los desayunos son deliciosos y abundante, el café muy delicioso, así como la variedad de frutas, en general todo, Aleydo prepara una comida deliciosa, ese arroz moro no lo olvidaré nunca, en general la comida es muy variada, deliciosa y abundante.

Casa Aleido | Centro Havana | Cuba

Other comments: La casa esta muy bien ubicada, muy cerca del hotel Inglaterra,el parque central, y todo el movimiento turístico y de transportes,este es otro punto a favor, su ubicación.

Casa Aleido | Centro Havana | Cuba

Feb 13 2015
Name: henry campos
Country: canada
I stayed here at: 01/23/2015
I made a reservation at the casa directly
I paid 35 CUC per night

Casa Aleido

My review: This house is superbly located, to step outside is to step into downtown Havana. I loved the oasis it represented among the busy-ness of the city, although it is located on a main pedestrian street, from the moment you step in throughout the iron gates the noise and hustle of outside disappears. The plants along the foyer are beautiful, calming, adding to the feeling of a garden inside the city.
From the start the staff was welcoming and helpful. I felt secure and well looked after. Aleido has an eye for security and comfort. The place is very clean and everyday I saw the staff making sure the house is spotless.

The kitchen area also offers a place to meet the other guests who are staying at the house, I had some great and interesting conversations. There are people from all over the world staying with Aleido that made the house feel like a global meeting point to share ideas and stories.

Aleido offers in-house dining which I absolutely recommend; the food is delicious and the ambiance at the kitchen reminds me of my mother's kitchen, full of goodness and love! I particularly enjoyed the freshly caught fish with garlic and ginger sauce.

Aleido himself is a treasure! He gives good and sound advice on the places to visit and the tours to take, from the arrival at his house he educates you about Cuban society with it's ins and outs. He is also a great storyteller and I very much enjoyed listening to his childhood tales and stories that transported me to other Cubas: the rural one of the "orient" of the island to the changing Cuba of the "periodo especial"

At Casa Aleido I felt as if I was visiting a relative I had not seen in a long time, the familiarity and the love with which He received me at his house made me feel welcomed and looked after.

How was your room?: My room was amazing! It was located in the upper floor, they charmingly call it the "penthouse" ! It has a breath taking view of the capitol building and its surroundings, It comes with it's own little patio. I loved sitting outside listening to the murmurs of the city and seeing the skyline of old Havana.

How was the food they offer?: Delicious! everything is freshly cooked and the portions are generous.

Other services they offer: Laundry service, in house telephone, They can also arrange for a massage therapist to come to the house.

Other comments: I strongly reccomend this house, I will keep on staying here because of all the houses I have seen in Havana this is by far the best situated, cleanest, friendliest and most welcoming.

Feb 4 2015
Name: Karen
Country: London England
I stayed here at: 01/01/2015
I made a reservation through Cuba-Junky

Casa Aleido

My review: I am so lucky to have found Cassa Aleido and the extended Aleido family. From the moment I arrived I was greeted with open arms big hearts and a bloody strong Cuba Libra, this was the recipe for my entire stay with Aleido.
Aleido is a beautiful person always accommodating in every way :) he introduced me to his friends and nothing was ever too much trouble. I was due to stay for 15 days but I ended staying for nearly my entire trip to Cuba. I like to travel by myself so to find such an amazing bunch of people so quickly was an added bonus.
Aleido, Maielin, Pippo and Alexis looked after me so well ! Maielin and Pippo prepared breakfast any time I wanted it, this always set me up for the day until Aleido's delicious dinners, I did try the food elsewhere but always came back to Aleido's and Alexis found me good takeout when needed. Aleido is very well connected to find you other cassa's in Cuba if you plan on traveling. I went to Trinidad for a few days and stayed in a cassa Aleido recommended but I must say I was glad to get back to Aleido and family, I'm a city girl at heart so Cassa Aleido and Habana is the place for me.
The cassa is very clean, colourful and lively at times a true Cuban oasis in the heart of Habana, not to be missed.

How was your room?: My room was spacious and airy with a shower/bath and kitchen area, not that I needed it. I also had access to a lovely roof terrace. I have problems with my back so as soon as I mentioned that the mattress was too soft the boys sprung into action and changed it. The room was cleaned every couple of days by Maielin and Pippo so the room was always very clean.

How was the food they offer?: The food was a true taste of Habana, delicious, plentiful and made with love. Thank's for keeping me fed and watered Aleido, I needed it.

Other services they offer: Maielin or one of the family will always be happy to do some washing for you. Pippo is always on hand to go and pick up stuff for you. Basically anything you want someone will try and arrange or get it for you, Its far more than a five star service.

Other comments: Cassa Aleido is the a true Cuban experience.

Jan 28 2015
Name: Rik Tanghe
Country: Belgium
I stayed here at: 02/01/2015
I did not make a reservation
I paid 30 CUC

Casa Aleido

My review: Very clean, very kind, nice food.
How was your room?: Excellent
How was the food they offer?: Wonderfull

Jan 25 2015
Name: Ray
Country: Germany
I stayed here at: 01/11/2015
I made a reservation at the casa directly

Casa Aleido

My review: It was my first time in Cuba, and I am sure to turn back!. I stayed the first nights in Casa Alaido, which I reserved beforehand via Cuba-Junky. There was such a warm welcome that I felt like part of the family very soon. Aleido and his entire team are very friendly, helpful, and even with language difficulties we lough a lot. I got the impression they can manage everything. The extension of the stay was easily arranged and they helped me to book other casas in Trinidad and Santa Clara (very good recommandations!). After that traveling I "came home" to Casa Alaido, again a great stay.

The rooms are different and all very clean. The foot at the casa is amazing!!! I end up to eat there every evening. Based on the nice atmosphere in the kitchen, it was very easy to get in contact with other travellers. So, we end up with some days at the beach together or clubbing (Aleido knows the right places!).

Alltogether, I will stay in the casa of Aleido again during my next visit in Cuba and highly recommend this casa to everybody who like to explore the real Cuba.

How was your room?: Perfect!

How was the food they offer?: They serve good breakfast at any time and great Dinner (several choices).

Other services they offer: The laundry service was very welcome!

Jan 25 2015
Name: Claudio
Country: Denmark
I stayed here at: 12/16/2014
I made a reservation through Cuba-Junky

Casa Aleido

if I have to describe Aleido and his staff would take a book .
Aleido and his staff are amazing people , I stopped by them for 20 days during the Christmas season and It's been an incredible experience .
Aleido care customers as if they were part of his family , protects them and warns them from possible disappointments that can be found in the street , if you need a guide Aleido Became immediately ready to find one of his great friends ready for you to explore the incredible Havana .
The "girl of the door" ????
My god she It's incredible , sweet and always ready to help you, she does not speak English and then ? must be flexible and not complain. By the way she prepares an amazing breakfast really I miss her.
To eat ? Try the cuisine of Aleido , he cooks in an incredible way , not to mention my favorite dish " rice with beans " to understand I put on 5 kg : - )
Personally I recommend everyone to stay with Aleido , where you will find friends , smile , happiness and everything you need to spend an unforgettable holiday .
Thanks a lot Aleido , Maielin (the girl of the door) and Pippo you were incredible and I'll have you in my heart forever .
See you soon again

Jan 25 2015
Name: Carl Buncamper
Country: Caribbean part of the Netherlands
I stayed here at: 05/01/2014
I made a reservation at the casa directly
I paid 30 or 35 CUC for the unit that is on the top floor with a private bath and sitting area overlooking the Capitol Building in the center of Havana.

Casa Aleido

My review: First of all I must state that I am a frequent visitor to Cuba. I travel at least once a year to Havana and if possible a second time and use Habana Viejo as my base for exploring other areas in Cuba .
I base my ratings particular on helpfulness, cleanliness, ambiance, safety, convenience of location, but most of all on the homely feeling that I experience each and every time I visit Casa Aleido. I say off-the-bat that I don't care for the commercialized properties in general, as I do enough of those while on travel duty. so when having a few days for leisure, I look for the alternative to a commercialized setting, and I can truly say that Aleido and his staff have become like family.
I first visited Casa Aleido about 6 years ago and have since always stayed at least a few days at Casa Aleido while traveling through greater Cuba. If one wants a through Cuban experience, including the culinary experience, I highly recommend Casa Aleido. Located in the center of the old city, Casa Aleido allows one to safely venture around and experience what remains a bustling city though with ageing facades. Many of the building appear run down from the exterior, but once on the inside of Casa Aleido, it is almost like you walked into a kaleidoscope arranged in the eighties. Colors, lights, lamps and many photos and artwork cover much of the home. There are common areas in the casa if you wish to have a visitor or two, and when ready to truly experience a part of Cuban culture and entertainment their is nothing like watching or joining the crew for a few Dominoes games peppered by libations and scrumptious foods. Aleido, the owner of Casa Aleido is a fabulous cook and prepares meals to order for his guest(s) on a daily basis if so desired, and portions are huge! As mentioned I have grown to love Casa Aleido and all of his support staff that make Casa Aleido what it is. Friendly, clean, convenient, safe, full of advice and recommendations from Aleido, and most of all a true Cuban experience that is enhanced upon every return visit I have had.

How was your room?: The rooms are generally very spacious and a couple of them have their own private bath, kitchenette and living area. Other have a shared bath.

How was the food they offer?: Aleido is a wonderful cook that can make any meal into a scrumptious experience. Prepare to gain a pound or two!

Other services they offer: Casa Aleido offer laundry services, arrangements for transportation if one so wishes, and Aleido is very experienced and knowledgeable with most parts of Cuba and can give wonderful advise and assist with arrangement in other cities / provinces if one so desires, through his network. A Cuban phone number is also available for guests during their stay.

Other comments: Casa Aleido is a very gay friendly accommodation, and to me this helped put me even more at ease in the environment when I first visited.

Jan 22 2015
Name: Alexis Torregroza
Country: Panama
I stayed here at: 01/05/2015
I made a reservation through Cuba-Junky
I paid 30 CUC per night

Casa Aleido

My review: Reading erin´s review .. I was shocked to see such review as I stayed in casa Aleido from jan 5th to January 20th. I was very happy with the staff and i loved the house and the room in which i stayed. The people were very pleasant and the food was great. Great service and the house is very clean and very helpful on where to go and what to do. Has many connections to the bars and clubs to make vip reservations.

How was your room?: My room was great, clean, spacious, and good air conditioning.

How was the food they offer?: The quality and taste of food was absolutely delicious.

Other comments: Overall I highly recommend this casa, as i will return soon.

Jan 21 2015
Name: Erin
Country: Canada
I stayed here at: 01/13/2015
I made a reservation at the casa directly

Casa Aleido

My review: Didn't actually stay for the multiple nights I thought I'd reserved. Before leaving for Cuba, I had a few email coversations, a couple through Cuba Junky, and thought I was set to stay in a gay friendly Casa in downtown Havana. Had no problems finding the place, the problems began when I tried to get in. The girl guarding the door spoke no English, and my Spanish is horrible to say the least. She kept insisting I was mistaken, the Casa was full even though I showed her Aleidos confirmation emails, which were in Spanish. (I used a language translator app on my phone to converse via email before I left Canada) another English speaking tourist kept asking if she should get someone to help, but I was taken to another residence a few doors down the street, to a hot, dirty closet with no bathroom, a dirty mattress on the floor, and a bunch of kids screaming.
I was really disappointed that after giving a lot of my flight information, where I was staying in Varadero, duration of my stay in Havana and being assured that Casa Aleido would be able to rent me a room for 2 nights in Havana, that the humid sweat box offered was seemingly an acceptable substitute. I made e decision to stay at Casa Aleido based on previous reviews, the fact that it was gay friendly, and the pictures that were posted online. The room offered was what is old consider to be among the worst I've seen in all my years of travelling, and I would not recommend it to someone I didn't like that much.
Thankfully, I had done enoug research, and a few options were available, and I was able to secure a better located, gay friendly Casa a block away from the Malecon.
I understand that rentals without a deposit inCuba can be a fairly unstable venture, but it's unfortunate for those of us who are serious about honouring our commitments are put through the stress of needing to find accommodations at the last minute when you think that's taken care of. I would not recommend this place unless there is a more suitable situation for dealing with guests as they arrive. Or a better second option.

How was your room?: What room.

How was the food they offer?: Didn't get the chance

Other services they offer: Non existent

Other comments: Ability to converse through a language translator app on my phone were ignored, as were the emails in Spanish that confirmed my 2 night stay there.

Jan 7 2015
Name: Leslie
Country: USA
I stayed here at: 12/23/2014
I made a reservation through Cuba-Junky

Casa Aleido

My review: What is there to say about Aleido, his amazing Casa, and his equally amazing family that hasn't already been said? I had a spectacular time in Cuba, mostly due to the wonderful people I met in Aleido's would've been a completely different trip otherwise. I was greeted with warmth, humor, boisterousness (a necessity if you want to enjoy the energy of the casa!), and incredible service. Aleido is a gem, and a bit like staying with Harvey Fierstein and Liberace all rolled up into one :) The food was fabulous and I never wanted to eat anywhere else. I even screwed up my dates, left for the airport, realized I was leaving the next day, came back to Aleido, and he was able to put me up for one more night.

Jan 5 2015
Name: P B
Country: UK
I stayed here at: 01/01/2015
I made a reservation at the casa directly


My review: I wanted to stay at this casa again this year since I have had such a great experience last time. The house decor seems to change regularly but still very colourful and quirky adding to the unique charm of the place; and of course there are always new travellers to make acquaintance with. This is a great thing. If you are travelling on your own you are sure to meet new people who are only to happy to hook up with you; especially if you speak Spanish and know your way around. I have met some fascinating people at this casa that made my trip unforgettable. From day one I hooked up with some interesting people who joined me for a trip to the beach.
Even though there is a bus service for 5 CUC to the beach, sharing a taxi for 20 CUC there and back makes it all the more special as well as being on the beach itself.

The casa also offers great communal breakfasts and dinners; yet another opportunity to get acquainted with other guests.
Speaking of breakfast and dinner the host and his entourage try their best to cater for your dietary needs and they are equally flexible with your meal times. The host who is the chef is always present at mealtimes keeping guests entertained with his infectious smile and bubbly personality.
The location is great. Not only can you explore old Havana on foot with your new friends but the nightlife in Vedado is also just a short taxi ride away.
I have met some wonderful people at this casa from far and near and hopefully made some lifelong friendships. If I am in Havana again I will definitely stay at Aleido's house.

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